When I was eight years old, I was positive that my lemonade stand would make me wealthy. That didn't quite work out for me. My next attempt was buying and selling calling cards (for those who even remember what those were). That didn't work out either. I was determined to become an entrepreneur one way or another.

While in the Air Force and college for my nursing degree, I came across a book about hypnosis. The subject fascinated me because there was so much promise in the power of the mind.  How the brain works for success became my passion.  I soon learned that many of the most successful entrepreneurs all share a common trait and use neuroscience techniques that rewire the brain for success.  

I became certified in stage hypnosis, and then as a hypnotherapist, where I helped countless people for business growth, weight loss, stop smoking, anxiety, and depression.  I used self-hypnosis myself, lost over 80 pounds, and founded three innovative companies.   I've spent over two decades researching the latest principles and techniques on sales, leadership, brain science, and hypnosis.  I travel around the world, teaching people in leadership and sales how to fuel creativity, performance, and revenue using neuroscience techniques in an audience interactive experience. 

I have four children who are my world, and I believe in living each day with no regrets!  I'm fortunate that I get the opportunity to speak with people around the globe, helping them see the possible in the impossible! 



Brian Madrid