My top priority is to teach people how to take action!  My keynote: Rewire Your Brain for Success, reprograms your mind using proven neuroscience strategies.  You become a visionary who executes the power of ideas and transforms them into actions.  I use my expertise with the subconscious to create an experience that is educational, innovative and entertaining.


Your attendees have the knowledge, they have ideas, they have strategies, but here's the problem.  Only thirteen percent of your organization actually take action and executes those ideas.  I teach your attendees how to use their subconscious to overcome self limitations that are holding them back.  I teach this in a way that is inspiring, motivating and entertaining.


I’ve worked with major corporations such as Royal Caribbean International and Toyota. My keynote will energize the audience and is perfect as an opening or close to your event.  The audience will head into the other presentations and leave on an extremely high note as they learn how to create seemingly impossible breakthroughs by using the most advance self hypnosis techniques.


I travel the world presenting Reprogram Your Subconscious in Minutes a Day, a keynote that inspires the audience to excel.  I look forward to creating an amazing experience at your next event!


Brian Madrid