When I was eight years old, I decided I was going to become rich with my lemonade stand.  That didn't quite work out for me so in High School, I decided the way to go was buying and selling calling cards (for those who even remember what those were).  It ended up being a pyramid setup and I lost my money.  Even with this downfalls, I still knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  


While in the Air Force and in college for my nursing degree, I came across a book about hypnosis.  The subject fascinated me because there was so much promise in the power of the mind.  This became my passion and believed that if I learn all I can about this subject, than I would be able to apply this to my life.  I read every book I could get my hands on, but soon realized that reading was only the beginning.


I attended and was certified in stage hypnosis, and then as a hypnotherapist.  I opened up my hypnotherapy practice and helped countless people with weight loss, stop smoking, anxiety and depression.  I then used self hypnosis on myself to lose over 80 pounds and to improve all aspects of my life to become as successful as I can with my business goals.  It was then that I started interviewing successful people on how they reached their goals and everyone did some form of hypnosis.  Some called it self reflection, meditation or self visualization but it was all a form of hypnosis.  I loved the path I was headed and decided that I wanted to teach these techniques to as many people as possible because it works!


I now have four children who are my world but are tired of hearing me talk about hypnosis!  I'm excited daily about the new findings I read about that I can pass on to others and feel fortunate that I get to speak to people around the world about seeing the possible in the impossible! 


Brian Madrid